The World Through My Camera Lens



Peacocks are some of the most beautiful birds in creation, but most people tend to overlook the females of the species, the peahens. Granted, they are duller than the males, but they are beautiful in their own way as well. In my visits to the zoo I have taken many pictures of both peacocks and peahens, so this post is all of my best peafowl pictures.


A Book Review

I posted this review on my other blog, but since it has to do with photography, I figured that it would be fitting to post the review here as well. The review covers two books, Creature and Bird, both by photographer Andrew Zuckerman. They are the most amazing photography books I have ever read. You can find the original review HERE.

If you’d like to buy either of the books you can find them by clicking either of the images below.

You can find Andrew Zuckerman’s website HERE and the websites for Creature HERE and for Bird HERE.

Let’s Try This Again

Since I posted my first post it has been bugging me that the images are so small and you have to click on them each individually to see the full sized picture. This was not what I intended this blog to be for. But I am still new to the wordpress platform, and I have much to learn. Today I am going to try to re-post those pictures so that they are the size I intended them to be.

This is a vulture I saw circling in the sky as I got out of class one day. I love the color of the sky and the clouds, and how the bird is just perfectly in the center with its wings outstretched. I took many pictures, but this one turned out the best.

This is an Orangutan. He was begging for donations from the zoo’s visitors, and despite the signs posted cautioning them NOT to feed him, there were quite a few people throwing him food anyway.

These were some tulips in the garden at the zoo. They were some of the few flowers that had started blooming in early April when I visited.

This is an egret in the aviary at the zoo.

This is a friend’s daughter. She is about two months old.

I took a whole bunch of pictures of the sky on this day. The clouds were amazing!

I love seahorses, but they are so hard to photograph when they are behind glass. This is one of the rare pictures I have taken that turned out well.

I was so surprised when I got home and found out how well this picture turned out. I only had one shot at it and I was so far away, I was sure it was going to be blurry, but it wasn’t.

This is one of my all time favorite pictures I have ever taken. The sunset was hitting the tree just right. I feel so fortunate to have seen it when I did. I don’t think I ever would have gotten another chance like this.


It is the first of May, and the first of a new blog! For a long time now, I’ve thought about having a blog dedicated solely to my photography. Somewhere where I could feature much bigger images than I could with a regular blog, or on facebook. I’ve heard good things about WordPress, so I decided to start my blog here rather than go with the easier, more user freindly blogger. The blogs on WordPress are a little harder to get used to, so bear with me as I learn how to use this new platform. Aside from the fact that it is a little more difficult to figure out, so far I really like what I’m seeing here on WordPress. The blogs look so much more professional, which is really what I wanted for this blog.

Over the past few months I have learned a lot about photography, and it has quickly become my favorite art form. I still love creating in any medium, but photography allows me to capture the world as I see it. It can be so hard sometimes, trying to get the camera to take the exact picture you want, but it is so rewarding when you get an amazing picture. For my first post here I want to share a few of the pictures that I feel are my best work.

I’m not sure yet how to insert pictures correctly, so the formats may vary for awhile till I find something that I really like.